Reworked version with integrated VC download Durazno^2



Durazno^2 Virtual Controller is a work around for Rocket League and other games that wont work with the dll-trick. This first release was put together hastily and should be considered "alpha" software.
Durazno2VC Instructions 2021-08-31

Note! Yet another Rocket League update killed the 0.95.2 fix. Currently Durazno^2 does not work with this game. 2021-08-25

Latest version download Durazno2 2021-08-18
  - Setup GUI changed to support new version of Rocket League

Previous version download Durazno2 2021-02-10
  - 32/64-bit option in setup GUI
  - Default target folder changed to Steam Rocket League 64-bit
  - Fixed bug in Game Deadzone visualization

Bakkesmod plugin DurVis download 2020-03-17
  - Update to 64-bit Bakkesmod

Previous version download Durazno2 0.94 2018-09-08
  - Enable/Disable ports option in GUI
  - Bakkesmod plugin DurVis for diagnostigs

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